Tantalum: Comprehensive Strategic Analysis of the Tantalum Industry

This thesis reviews in details the niche industry of tantalum production.

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Nickel: Where Form Meets Function

While best known for its use in the five cent coin, nickel has far more strategic uses. Nickel can be alloyed with other metals to create truly extraordinary materials.  In fact, more than half of all nickel consumed is used in stainless steel.

China’s stainless steel consumption has increased 1625% in the last 10 years, and is now 40% of global totals. Chinese stainless steel is now the largest demand driver for nickel worldwide, and there’s still a lot more room for growth in the industry.

Nickel’s diversified supply is expected to keep prices stable, so the savvy investor will look for low cost nickel projects in safe jurisdictions.

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Nickel: Battery Technology, Past, Present and Future use of Nickel

The battery market is on the move both literally and metaphorically. Concern over climate change, the drive towards energy efficiency and the adoption of carbon dioxide emissions targets by governments are all helping to increase the adoption of hybrid and electric cars. Add to this the heightened interest in renewable energy technologies involving batteries and energy storage.

How do you get a 320km range from an electric vehicle, pro- pulsion of 0-100km/h in less than seven seconds, and the ability to charge it in 30 minutes for a range up to 145km? You
use a nickel-rich lithium ion battery!

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Lithium: The Lithium Revolution

Lithium is the main ingredient to lithium-ion batteries – the metal’s ions move back and forth to charge and discharge the battery.

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Lithium: Advancing Lithium-Ion Technology

Cathode is the Key to Advancing Lithium-Ion Technology.

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Lithium: Lithium-ion raw material markets

With the growth of the electric vehicle market, the demand for lithium batteries is showing a steady increase. Lithium carbonate price has surged by more than 70% over the past two years. and cobalt price has jumped up by 130% since 2016. Here is a short overview of metal prices and forecasts for the lithium, cobalt and graphene markets. (Source: Benchmark Minerals)

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Cobalt: Reasons Investors Should Look at Cobalt

With the green movement in full swing, there is compelling evidence that cobalt could be the next relatively unknown metal to rise to prominence.

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Manganese: Powering the Next Generation of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries that use Manganese Oxide as a cathode material are some of the best energy storage devices known to man.

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Graphene: 200x Stronger than Metal, Flexible & Conductive

The general properties of graphene are so varied and diverse in their many unique combinations that ready-to-use graphene products have already branched out in many different directions: varnishes, adhesives, pastes, resins, paints, and more.

Graphene Use in Lithium Batteries

Graphene use in transmission fluids and oils

Graphene use in epoxy resin, composites, and polymers

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